Issues with Intellegent ocr activities


I used Intellegent ocr scope, But got this error:-

Please guide me on this. @ClaytonM

Not sure. I haven’t used the IntelligentOCR enough to be familiar with all the errors.


Are you using Abbyy Flexicapture?

Yes, I am using Abby Flexicapture ocr.


Have you install the package got from uipath?

We need to install the abbyy SDK also, may be this the problem, so better contact uipath technical support to get the packages and support

Thanks @Jayesh_678

Yes, i install Abby SDK also.

nice !!

What about the uipath activities package? Did you install that? If not you need to contact uipath

Thanks @Jayesh_678

Yes, I will contact UI Path Team.
Thanks for your support…:slight_smile: