Unexpected client side errors keep popping up in D365 Finance & Operations

Hello All,

I am trying to automate some arrival postings in D365 Finance & Operations via Chrome.
When I do this process manually, all works fine. No errors.
When I use the bot to execute the steps it regularly throws up “An unexpected client error has occurred”. There is something between the bot and browser/D365 which triggers this.


I thought it possibly had to do with the Uipath browser plugin, but this seems to work fine.
Does anyone have the same experience?
Can someone help me think in the direction of a solution to prevent these errors? I can automate against them, by instructing the bot to click them away, but this is troublesome and leads to ugly automation.

Thank you in advance,

Not sure but is there any script restriction for that particular website?

Dear Rahul,
Thank you for your suggestion. Would you know how to go about finding this out?

I cannot imagine there is a generic script restriction on D365 Finance & Operations from the Microsoft. If so, I have not found anything online to mention something like that. It would have been referenced in some forum?!
Similarly I cannot imagine our IT would be able to do something like that and in such a way specifically for some URLs in D365.


I would suggest you to take this case to UiPath technical Support team, they would be able to suggest something, if possible

FYI, for those who are interested or find a similar issue. The solution seems to lie in the usage data kept in D365. If you clear this, then the issue does not occur anymore. Eventually it pops up again though …
So I included a few steps to clear the usage data in D365 account at the start of the RPA.

In D365, go to ‘User Options’ and then ‘Usage Data’.

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