Need Help with MS O365 Authentication

Hi all,

I need help with MS O365 Authentication, we have set up an Azure Application following the instruction in the below guide:
Setup (

We gave it all the required permissions, we need the ApplicationID and Secret method to work. We copied the Application ID, Tenant ID and Application Secret from the App in Azure.

We set up the code using the UiPath O365 scope in Studio and passed the required parameters but we got the error thrown from the Get Mail Activity.

Error message: Get Mail: Code: generalExceptionMessage: An error occurred sending the request.

I have read through the forum and found the links below but non of the solutions proposed here are helpful to me:

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@SenzoD Is two factor authentication is enabled for mail login?

Hi @prithivi_raj_shanmugam

Yes, it is enabled.

Based on my experience, if two factor authentication is enabled then secret ID will not mostly work. I would suggest you go with the below image properties. Application ID, Tenant ID, Authentication type: Interactive token, Servies: {your preferred services}, instead of secret id provide username and password in the properties.

Once all the properties are completed, run the bot you will be asked to login during the run time. this login is required for only one time per machine and ID.

Hi @SenzoD

Please run in debug mode and from locals panel check the inner exception details. That might give you more information on why this exception has occurred. So that we can target and know why this exception is coming up