D365 processing problem


I’m using D365 with UiPath robot and now I have challenge. D365 is every now and then doing some processing (depending on workload etc.) and it shows dialog on the browser that please wait, processing. That dialog anyhow does not prevent robot to use browser; robot can still add text and click D365 even nothing happens. Problem is that robot goes forward in the process without problem but actually nothing happens on D365 UI because it is processing. When processing ends, robot continues at place x and but actually UI has not progressed.

Is there any nice way to wait that processing? I can wait couple of seconds and check after that if processing note is shown. But that is very slow way to do that after each action :frowning:

Use either ‘wait image vanish’ or ‘wait element vanish’. this will accomplish what you need.

I have now used those, but problem is that Processing note might not come immediately after robot has done something. So it might take second or two before Processing note comes and ‘wait element vanish’ do not found element before it will be showed. I have now used ‘Find element’ activity with Continue if error and five second waiting time, but that takes five seconds every time.

I want to know if someone has found out some more generic solution for this issue in D365