Understanding UIpath User Licenses

Hello Guys, i am struggling to understand UIPath licenses mentioned About licensing.

Requirements we want on our organisation:

We are trying to do this at our organisation, Need to subscribe for UIpath studio, where we want to use for development and maintenance.

All developed module using studio, we want to run them only using UIPATH robots. (No edit access)

a). 2-3 users computer Uipath Studios for Development
b). 10 users computer Uipath robots for running only

Note : No orchestrator required as of now(Only attended bot required)

Help to understand these terms also :
Attended - Named User
Citizen Developer - Named User
RPA Developer - Named User
Automation Developer - Named User

Please help to understand which license is going to help for us for optimal usage.

HI @Jena

Get a clearer picture discussing with the sales team


Hello @Jena ,

a) You will need UiPath Automation Developer licenses for this. Normally, you will also have Attended User with it due to the capability is included.
b) 10 Attended User licenses. during installation, you will use the same installer as the UiPath Studio. However, you can choose to not install UiPath studio when during the installation process.

For further restrictions, you can use UiPath automation ops to be able to further segregate the roles and functionalities of each user.

Attended - Named User : To simply put, this is the attended Robot. UiPath recently changed the naming of licenses. Hence, if you are looking for attended robot, you can refer to it as attended User
Citizen developer: This license has the Studio X Profile, take note, you wont have access to UiPath studio profile with this license. This also has attended user for running the tasks that are created.

RPA Developer: This is a deprecated license. This is not available anymore. RPA developer license means is a devellopment license which includes UiPath Studio and Citizen Developer Profile. This has been replaced by the Automation developer License. Take note this does not include Studio Pro, meaning, no test automation capabilities

Automation Developer: The latest sku for development. Includes Studio and Citizen developer profiles. In this license, Studio and Studio Pro have been merged. Hence, you wont see Studio Pro but this will have the testing capabilities.

I hope this clarifies. Let me know if there are any issues :slight_smile:

@seanrockvz13 Thanks for quick reply.

As per my understanding for studio subscription vs only attended robot subscription there was a price difference.

Would like to know more on that. Because we can’t install and subscribe studio for all the systems. May i know if you are aware of this ?


You are right, there is a price difference. Studio (Automation Developer have more capabilities than Robot License (Attended User)

When considering your automation, you have to consider for a Development/Test (As part of Best Practice) / and Production.

Studio or Automation Developer will reside in the Development Environment while the Robot (Attended User/Unattended) will reside in the production environment.

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Sharing with you the details list of capabilities of both license types. This can be found on Licensing.uipath.com

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