Unattended SAP Process - Hotkey in background

Hi there,

I want to build an unattended automation in SAP and I need to the send hotkey activity to work in the background. The send window message option does not work. I do not believe that SAP is not compatible with this option. Do I need to change some settings in SAP? Any other ideas?

Try send hotkey inside the attached application activity and indicate the SAP application, Also placed the Maximise window in it.

Hello @moon_amlet

If you are using the Modern designer you can sue the Keyboard shortcuts activity and if you are using the classic designer you can go with the Send Hotkeys. But make sure you have provided the activity within the application scope.

If still not working, try to run in debug mode by enabling the highlight and check whether the element is getting identified.


Hi @moon_amlet ,

Please note that send hot keys will not work in background mode. We have to bring the application to foreground only the way to use hot keys.

Send windows messages is the only option I could see to send hot keys in background mode.

Could you check if you already enabled the below settings in SAP to enable the ui automation. Thanks.