Unable to paste text in SAP ABAP editor with Send Window Message True

I am trying to copy text from notepad and paste it into ABAP editor in SAP using SendHotKey Ctrl+A and Ctrl+V. When SindWindoMessage is False it is working fine but as soon as I make SendWindowMessge True so that it can run in background as well, “it doesn’t work”. Please help me in this issue

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Can you please try with SimulateType and check whether its working or not.

Hi @sugam90

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Yeah send hot key activity will have only sendwindowmessage property and it will work even being false and also would work in background as well

So please try using it without enabling that property
It’s fine
It will work

But at the same time we can try using simple TYPE INTO activity provide if we have configured sap gui as below

Cheers @sugam90

Hi @Palaniyappan

I have enabled the scripting as given in above link. SendHotKey is working fine throughout SAP automation but it is not working when I am trying to paste some text in ABAP editor. If we provide selector of ABAP editor in type into activity and make send window message TRUE or simulate click TRUE so that the text can be wriiten even in background, IT WILL NOT WORK. This is the problem I am still facing.

Hi @lakshman

SendHotKey activity does not have SimulateType property. It only has SendWindowMessage property and when I am making it TRUE, it is not working!!. Even Click oy TypeInto activity with SimulateType/SendWindowMessage True is not working inside ABAP editor available in SAP.

In that case use a send hot key activity and use key as tab
Make use of the same activity until it reaches the field where we want to insert the value
If it is of more number then use a while loop and keep the send hot key activity within that

And once after reaching to that field use a TYPE INTO activity without any selector and just with the input you want

This will work on other way

Give a try and pls let know

Cheers @sugam90

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your reply. Since I have to always copy text(BDC program) from notepad and paste it into ABAP editor in SAP, I tried using SendHotKey activity instead of TypeInto without any selector and SendWindowMessage set as True. For testing I started the automation and locked my screen just to check if it would work later on any machine which is a remote machine and locked but everytime sendhotkey is giving me error “Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions”. Maybe this is because I have not provided selector of the ABAP editor to this activity but providing selector to this activity takes us to our actual root problem!!

Pls place that sendhot key in this

Cheers @sugam90

Hi @Palaniyappan

I tried using sendhotkey inside GetActiveWindow. I have pasted the screenshot for the same but then hotkey is not working inside this wrapper. This is because UiPath is not able to recognise the current active window which is the ABAP editor .I have also pasted the screenshot of the ABAP editor.

I guess UiPath does not support unattended automation on ABAP editor in SAP!!

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