Robot - Send HotKey and SAP - not working in background mode ( SendWindowMessages)

Hi there. I am trying so freaking hard to get hotkeys to work in SAP but I am unable to get anywhere. I tried type into, etc. When in background (SendWindowMessages or SimulateType) I am not getting the keys to register in SAP. When these are turned off, it works.

I’ve tried changing selectors/removing the selector, interactive, complete, None. Nothing works.
Click Text exhibits the same behavior where foreground activities work but background ones don’t.

I am simply flabbergasted as I am stuck.
Using SAP 7.30 client and UIPATH studio 2017.1.6435

I was able to use click text and Set Text with modified selectors. UiExplorer had to be played with until the correct selector was found. Robot is much more forgiving for foreground processing than background when it comes to selectors.

For example : Save as Dialog File name text has the following selector

<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Save As’ > <wnd ctrlid='1148' >

this works with Type into in foreground . Set text does not work. When adding:

<"ctrl name=‘File name:’ role/editable text’ />

to the selector (don’t ask how I found it, not sure). it works for both type into with SimulateType and Set Text.

I wasted so much time on this crap. :frowning:

Note: adjust your selector , add additional details if available.