Orchestrator is LOGGING OFF after the process

Hi everyone, I got a problem for the Orchestrator running process as it keep logging off the VMs(from remote desktop) every times it finished a job. In this case, logging off cause every programs that a bot opened close. So, are there any idea to run a bot and finish it by just disconnect the session(Disconnect the Session in order to let the programs still running)

Config from Orchestrator would be great, Thank You :slight_smile:


An option for Job run would be preferred from my perspective, as it would also solve the issue with Pending jobs sending start too soon (as it works without issues when the robot does no log off).

FYI - robot currently will log off at the end of a job if, and only if, he needed to start a new session for that job. As a workaround, you can log in the robot user by other means (script, manual action etc.) and disconnect the session. That way robot will not create a new session and thus will not log off.
Use at your owk risk :wink:


Bumping this topic up as I find it especially relevant with Queue triggers. Any new setting in Orchestrator to disconnect instead of log off? It does it if user logs in and creates RDP session like a charm. (note: using server with LogintoConsole set to false)

follow up to this point on RDP: it ‘joins’ RDP session and tries to disconnect, but runs in ‘disconnected’ state for the next job.