Unattended bot gets disconnected when the system is locked


Can anyone help me on how to run an automation when your system where the robot is placed is locked?

I have created an unattended robot and give my domain and username and credentials while creating it.

So i have locked my system and try to run the bot using cloud orchestrator from another machine it does not work and the bot gets disconnected. But as soon as I log in the execution starts automatically.

Any clue why this may be happening?

Tried from my mobile as well and it gives me the below error.

hi @mc00476004
so i hope that your bot will not connect with your cloud orchestrator well
can you check back

hi @mc00476004

I would like to see your logs, and Network events as well.


It will when it is not locked

For attended bot you cannot pass windows credentials
But for unattended there no issue

Just run debug from another machine and check the issue, also you can share that error here

Hi ,
Here is your issue already discuss on forum
Feel free and could you please refer the link
I hope that the issue is passing your windows credentials to bot, it dosen’t pass properly and bot wait for it and get time out

I followed all the settings and i still get the same error. When i unlock my system, the pdf is opened.

Actually i used a get full text screen scrapping activity, so i wanted to know if this activity can be used for this scenario.

I tried removing this activity and instead used a read pdf activity and that works and i don’t get this error.

Not sure why, can anyone please explain, i want the unattended bot to do the screen scrapping even the system is locked.

@loginerror @Palaniyappan

Hi @mc00476004

Is this Community Edition? (thus, exe installer)?

If so, you will not be able to start the process via Orchestrator due to the robot service running in the user mode (and not for the entire machine):

The moment you lock the screen, the Orchestrator can no longer communicate with the Robot service.

It should still work if you lock the screen after you started the execution, or with a windows scheduler set to start the process from the command line after you lock the screen.


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