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Below is my scenario and couple of challenges. Seeking for a favor Please.

  1. Process 1: Grabs input document, validates data, adds Action item to Queue A

  2. Process 2: Triggered by queue item from Queue A, adds form action to Action Center and waits. When the action is completed it resumes and adds an item to Queue B

  3. Process 3: triggered by Queue B item, and finishes the rest of the process


Issue 1:

Process 1 has 2 records. 1st record added to Queue A

Process 1 is in action of processing 2nd record, meanwhile Approved and submitted Action of 1st record in Action center.

Then Process 3 started processing even when Process 1 is processing 2nd record, even I am using the same bot for all the 3 processes. (Ideally, Process 2 and 3 should wait until Process 1 is finished as using the same bot)

Issue 2: I have assigned the actions in Action center to myself. In case if I remove the actions (for any reason, if i dont want to process them) and not deleted the Queue A (where the process 1 adds the Action items to Queue A), then its triggering Process 3 even not approved and submitted, but removed in Action Center.



Are those processes selected as background processes?

If yea then background process can run in parallel as well…if you dont want that select them as forgeound or turn off background from project settings

Ideally it wpuld not trigger if it is jot submitted or approved…check the logic in process 2 on how the queue item is being added to process 3


HI @krishbcd ,

Are you using queue triggers for process 2 and 3? if yes, then for each queue item it will create a new job right, but it should not happen that until process 1 is completed process 2 cannot be triggered because the bot is not available for the process 2, I just want to understand how come the process 3 started running if you are using the same bot.

Also just confirm if you are using for each queue item you are triggering a new job or not? I am asking these to better understand and resolve your issue.


@Anil_G - No, not as background process.

Adding Queue Items:


@lchirathapudi - Yes, Separate process.



two processes cannot run at same time…can you please elaborate what is happening



Issue 1: I am trying to replicate this.

Issue 2: In Process 1 creating Action, adding to Q1 along with the action task ID created and triggers Process 2.

In Process 2, it is “wait for dcouemnt validation action and resume” for the action task id created and added to Q1 by Process 1.

Once the Task is approved in Action center, then it resumes and adding the validated extraction results from “wait for dcouemnt validation action and resume” to Q2 along with action Task ID. which will trigger P3.

So, here P2 is in wait state for that action task ID, but the Action is deleted in Action center.

If P2 can not be resumed as its waiting and action is deleted, it should not write to Q2 to trigger P3.

Im trying to replicate this as well and see how its going on.


Ideally if a task is approved or rejected only it would trigger…can ypu please show second queue…process …



Second queue between P2 and P3 (P2 adding queue items to Second queue after task resume on task approvel in AC which triggers P3),

validated extracted results added by P2 to Second queue and triggers P3, then P3 picks up the validated extracted results to process further.



So process 3 would get triggered only when approved or rejected…if that is jot the case then may be there is a flow issue as well…you manually need to check for rejection status and not add the queue item


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