Unattended robot failing to ui elements when it was installed in vm showing error while running a process containing action center when published

the bot failing and unable to identify the ui elements as it was running in vm in unattended mode how over come this problem

Did we try once running from studio in attended mode

Make sure you have installed the robot in service mode to run in unattended

  • Service Mode - recommended for unattended automation scenarios and large-scale platform deployments, and runs with the same rights as the user under which it is registered.
  • User Mode - recommended for attended automation scenarios, and runs under the user that installed it, having the exact rights as that particular user.

check if you see below service in details tab or services tab of task manager

  1. UiPath.Service.host - this comes only for service host
  2. UiPath.Service.Userhost - this will be there for user mode

Cheers @Revanth_Eswar1

Hi @Revanth_Eswar1

Have you run the process from the studio as an attended?

Have you install the unattended as a Service mode ?

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