Automation doesn't run on unattended VM

Hi all, I’m running into an issue where my processes can’t find a Ui element for the type into activity in chrome when running on a production VM.

It’s interesting as we have 2 production VMs and the processes work on one but not the other. To add to the confusion, when I manually run the processes and monitor within the VM it works fine, so it seems to be an unattended issue with specifically one VM.

Any ideas on what may be causing this?


HI @Shane_Curran

Check this in your VM

Also if you have three users in the Prod VM and two is used for process run and one is used for development only two users can be opened in a single time

May be one started the processing and other one you used for development and tried to access as well


Thanks very much for the reply. Looks like and User.Host are running. Other processes are running on the VM which is interesting, it’s just one specific process I’ve recently deployed that isn’t working. The process also works as expected up until the first interaction with a UI element, so I think the users are an issue.
Really weird!

Fixed the issue by using activate window and clicking on another element before using type into. Still interesting that it worked fine on one VM but not the other, but both working now. Thanks!

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