Unattended robot does not execute any actions

I have 2 robots developed, the first runs fine and It executes logged out. The second fails without any action executed. Not even a simple take screenshot works. I tried sendwindowsmessage and symulateclick and nothing, hover also does not work. If I log to the server it runs without a fault. I launch the robot using taks manager from windows.
Can anyone help me? Thanks

Hi @Liliana_Novais,
Screenshot it’s not an unattended action. It requires the active session and access to the machine. Are you on enterprise plan on community edition?

I am using the trial for entrepise but without orchestrator. We installed in a server.

So it will not work that way anyway. To be able to run the process on let’s say fully unattended mode (where user session is not opened and robot will do it instead) you need to have enterprise robot (already there) and mechanism which will trigger the job to run and be able to log in to machine to perform these tasks which require “physical” movement like “open browser”, “take a screenshot”, “clicks” etc. This is achievable with use the Robot in combination with the Orchestrator.

Thanks for your reply, I am using task manager from windows.

This way of Robot triggers is not supported by UiPath since a long time as It can cause issues… as we see right now for example.

Hi @Pablito
Please. Where I can find the “unattended action” list?.

I have a unattended enterprise robot.
but it not perform ScreenShot/TypeInto…etc on fully unattended mode, only perform any few action. This behaivor is normal??

I heard about one company who was using “unattended” robots on physical machines with monitor kept without screensaver and without disabling user profil. They managed to start robots without orchestrator with some excel dashboards and etc. But much simplified approach is to get orchestrator :wink:

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It depends which actions? Fully unattended robot works only with API calls for example. For such cases robot is working with use of terminal session where GUI is not needed. Avery action which require anything related to interface can’t be unattended. Second thing is the fact that only Enterprise version works with full unattended experience. For Community version you need to have session opened on at least lock screen or something because the Robot service is running under user thread and it won’t work when user is logged off.

So in my case I need to have the user logged in and with the screen available? At least until we have the budget for orquestrator?

In your case it will be always attended robot as the screenshot activity need to see the screen (requires user session on active state). Only difference is if you want to run it manually or remotely (Orchestrator).

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