Unattended not logged bots

hi, i have one problem,
in orchestrator its configured as an unattended robot
if i´m logged the robot on orchestrator run without problems, but if i´m not logged i don´t run at all,

anyone have this issues???

please help


Can you share the screenshot of the text document that you can find in

Try to open with notepad

I don´t have that folder, here is the path where i found UiPath.settings


“NuGetApiKey”: “”,
“NuGetServerUrl”: “nuget/feed/jmaraujo”,
“ActivitiesFeed”: “/nuget/activities”,
“UiPathServerUrl”: “”,
“TracingLevel”: “Verbose”,
“LowLevelTracing”: false,
“RobotKey”: “”,
“LoginToConsole”: false,
“ResolutionWidth”: 0,
“ResolutionHeight”: 0,
“ResolutionDepth”: 0,
“ConnectionString”: “”