Timeout error whenever Terminal server gets disconnected

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I have a bot scheduled from every day from 9 am to 10 pm. For initial run at 9 am it is throwing up error saying Timeout reached. I could see that Terminal server got disconnected from local and I am under impression that bot would be running in background even If it’s get disconnected. Is there any solution for this problem?


Could you provide more details like is this using version 2018 and is it an Attended or Unattended? Also, do you notice anything else that occurs when this happens, like is it only happening when the Attended machine is locked?

I think this error is caused when the session loses its GUI like when you minimize a RDP session or lock the screen.

@ClaytonM Hey Clayton! Thanks for swift response. I am using Orchestrator version 2018.4.1 and it is unattended bot. This issue is happening only in morning for 1st run and once the screen is unlocked, there won’t be any issues. Literally I have to be online on Terminal Server to avoid this issue for 1st run in morning. Any tips to avoid this situation so that I can run my bot even I am unattended or screen gets locked out.

Usually with unattended, the robot will log in to create the session without anyone else (human) logging in to that session. Once the robot finishes a process, it will end the login session.

It sounds like you are trying to log in to the session manually, then run the robot? You can do this, but you won’t want to minimize or disconnect while the robot is running or it will stop it (though, you can suppress the minimized problem potentially with this: Executing Tasks in a Minimized RDP Window

However, going back to my first point, the unattended robot will login to the session with no human involvement and should work. If it is not working, something is going on with the server, like a popup message or the Win 8 / Win Server Start up Screen is showing upon logging in. - This is difficult to identify from my perspective because you would need to see what the server is doing when you “manually” login. I would first suggest Signing out the robot user id from the session (by using Ctrl+Alt+End > Sign Off), then log in and see if anything shows up that could get in the way of the Ui interaction.

Another possible way to identify an issue is use the Take Screenshot and look at what the screen looks like when the error occurs (surround workflow with Try/Catch so you can take the screenshot when the error occurs.)

So finding these details may help with solving it.

For more direct support, I would recommend escalating the issue to help desk: Contact Technical Support

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Resolved this issue by enabling “Login to console” on Orchestrator.

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