Unable to View Arguments Collection in Studio 2023 Community Edition

Hi Everyone,

After an automatic update of UiPath studio version to 2023.6.1 I am unable to see my arguments list from Invoke workflow File Activity and also from Properties panel (Arguments is disabled) and even from contextual menu by right clicking on the invoke workflow file activity.

Would someone please help me to understand how to resolve this issue.

Much Appreciated your kind help in advance.

Hi @vishnu3

If you are facing the issue after the latest update, then please check whether the packages are updated to the latest stable version( not the preview), if not update to the latest version. If still not working, downgrade the package version.

Hi Lakshman,

The packages are in stable version only I have downgraded though but still no luck.

Any other advice please.

I am not able to see uipath.systems.Activities package in your feed. Try to install this

thank you so much @raja.arslankhan.

Now issue is resolved.

@vishnu3 Welcome. This activity comes under this package.

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I just downloaded the nuget package and unzipped. Unable to understand why that dependency was disappeared.

Due to three reasons:

  1. incorrect or incomplete package download: Double-check that you have downloaded the correct package and that the download process completed successfully. If the package is incomplete, it might be missing some dependencies.
  2. Dependency management: Some NuGet packages have dependencies on other packages. It’s possible that the package you downloaded relies on “UiPath.System.Activities” but does not include it directly. In such cases, you will need to install the missing dependency separately.
  3. Compatibility issues: Ensure that the NuGet package you downloaded is compatible with your version of UiPath Studio or the project you are working on. If there is a version mismatch, it might result in missing dependencies.
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