InvokeWorkflowFile activity Issue UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.1 version or higher


“Import arguments” and “Open workflow” buttons missing in InvokeWorkflowFile activity while using UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.1 or higher. Also “Arguments” in properties is greyed out so I am not able to pass any argument.

Please let me know should I lower version in which this activity working fine.


Hi @satchauhan

Please downgrade to 22.4 that should solve


yes but UiPath should fix issue in the new package version. in new versions invoke code is also not working even in 22.4.5 as well

Hi @satchauhan

Can you try to downgrade to version 22.4.5 and check it

If possible can you share the screenshot


Hi @satchauhan

Can you try 22.10.3 then its the latest and you should see no issues


I tired 22.10.3 but in that InvokeWorkflowFile activity not showing import argument button. in 22.4.5 it is working but not Invoke Code is giving error.

HI @satchauhan

Can you try to reinstall the uipath studio and install it again and check it


let us know your

  • UiPath Studio Version
  • the selected targetFramework of your project

studio version is 2020.10.7

was also asked

from where i can find it





i tried both

Hi @satchauhan

can you re install and see because both the versions specified here are the versions that currently we are working on with no issues


Is Invoke Vb Code working for you with 22.4.5 version.

Is InvokeWorkflowFile working properly means are you able to define arguments using 22.10.3 version of UiPath.System.Activities

Hi @satchauhan

The answer is yes to both



ok but i think reinstallation should not require. UiPath should provide a proper solution.

Hi @satchauhan

Agree that the solution should be provided. But it is working for all and if its not working for you then doesn’t it mean there is something wrong only with your system. SO reinstallation may still be required. And yes because 22.10.1 is having few issues that is the reason we have subsequent releases as well

But still agree with you because there are many open issues with the new upgrade


unfortunately the question for the selected target framework was not answered. Your Studio Version

and UiPath.System.Activities 22.X… can have defects within the Activity cards which results as triggered/ mentioned by you above.
If possible bring the Studio Version to a newer Version when working with 22.X Packages
level down < 22.X the package versions when staying with the 2020.X Studio

Yes may be for these 2 activities is my system issue i will check on personal system. but new upgrade has other open issues and it can come by using any activity later in the project from when we can not go back.

so my point is UiPath should release stable version after checking all activities are working fine or not.

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