Where the excel file will be stored by the robot

Hi all,
I have to extract table from specified Mail body and write it to the excel file and my workflow works fine…Now I published my workflow to orchestrator and assign a job when I run a job from UiPath robot it completed without any error but after completing I cannot find the excel file in the local folder where I gives the path in Write-range activity …


Does the server have access to the path that you have mentioned in the write range activity.

Usually if we have mention the absolute path for the excel file then it will be saved in that path that is a path of a folder which is not inside he project folder
If we have mentioned any relative path like the path of the folder within the project folder then it will get saved inside the folder of our project folder
Kindly check that once and it would have got saved for sure at any one of these places
Either within project folder or at a specified folder

Cheers @PrabhuViswa

Hello @PrabhuViswa

For the excel file, how did you give the file path? Did you give the full file path or the partial file path? If you gave the partial file path (usually given when it is inside the solution folder itself) it will work locally. But when published to orchestrator and run through the orchestrator, it will not update the local file unless you give the full file path.

Provide the full file path and publish the solution again. Then run through the orchestrator and you will see the file in your local machine :slightly_smiling_face:

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:+1: brother. It works after giving full path…

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