Local file location when running through orchestrator

I have a workflow in which log information is maintained locally in an excel file. If I run this on my own computer the local file gets saved on the same folder where my .xaml is.
What my question is that if I run the same workflow on another computer using orchestrator, where will the log file be created?

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Hi Niket,
If you don’t give any path to create Excel file, Robot will create file in the same folder of your Project.

If you are running through Orchestrator, then it will create Excel File in the given path:


Not sure, but I don’t think its stored in ProgramData. It should be stored where your UiPath is installed. If you have the community edition then it gets stored at C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\UiPath\Projects\Project_Name\lib\net45.

Rammohan B.

Reviving this old post because the answer would have been handy today. After some searching I have found that the files get saved here:

I hope this can be helpful to someone else.