Unable to use UIAutomation Packages and Computer vision Packages in same Flowchart

I am not able to use UIAutomation Package and Computer Vision package together.
Please suggest.


Uninstall UIAutomation package and install Computer Vision package.

Please check below thread for your reference.

Thanks @lakshman

Actually I did that too. But I am getting issue in open browser activity then.
I have to use both Computer Vision and UiAutomation Activities.

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What error are you getting here ?

Please uninstall UiAutomation and then install ComputerVision

What is the version of Computer Vision that you are installing?

If you are installing the latest version 2.2.0 then please go ahead and install UiAutomation Version 19.8.0-ce

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After removing the UIAutomation Package I am getting the Open browser Activity as missing.

and After adding that UIAutomation package, I am getting issue like this.

Thanks @Dennis_Gabriel

Yes, I am using latest version of ComputerVision i.e 2.2.0 and installed UiAutomation package with version 19.8.0-ce.
Still getting same issue.


Please suggest something for this issue.

Is that a browser activity which is marked invalid in your screenshot?

Also, Can you share screenshot of CV installation as well.

Yes, I have used Open Browser activity at some places in my workflow.

Hi @Alamgir03

Can you restart uipath studio


@AshwinS2 ,

Yes, I checked that also still getting the same issue.


Hi @Alamgir03

Type CV activity in activity pane


@AshwinS2, Where do I get that Activity Pane?

Hi @Alamgir03
Check it on your left hand side of the as activities



Thanks for ur response, But I am nt getting ur point, I have already used the CV related activities in my workflow and didn’t find any Activity pane activity in Activities.


Any solution for this? Please suggest.

Could you please share the error message in the output pane when you are trying to install UiAutomation (version 19.8.0-ce) post installing CV (version 2.2.0),
That would give us a better idea on what is the issue.

NOTE: Please make sure you clear the output pane and then try installing so we would have the latest log only.

Hi @Dennis_Gabriel,

Am trying to install CV package
Please find the below error for your reference,

Suggest me how to resolve

Hi @varunk

Please check if you already have any lower version of CV installed.
If there is any, then try uninstalling and re-install the CV Pack with “Runtime Rule” as “Strict”.