Working in VDI with Computer Vision

I have a VDI project that going to start sooner, last month UiPath has released Beta version of Computer Vision which is a good move for Citrix automations.
I’m in confusion to use AI Computer Vision activities for my VDI project because as it is in Beta state how far it is reliable to use this for a production based project. Please suggest with your experience and i haven’t removed UiAutomation from the dependency but Computer Vision is installed properly, is it a works without removing UiAutomation.



I think its not possible. They clearly mentioned first we have to remove and then install AI Computer vision.

Hi @GouthamVijay,

To install UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.activities , youj need the UiAutomation activities version 19.2, this will work as expected.

Does this resolve your doubt.

Pavan H.

I have 19.2, but i’ve not removed it

Hi @GouthamVijay
in manage packages tick the check mark include prereleases
and you will be able to see.


Does this help you?

Pavan H

@Ryan_Rush Can u help one this

I’ve done all those and i’ve installed Computer Vision already but UiAutomation 19.2 also there.


Try using CV activities inside cv scope and see if you can get the text from the citrix machine, for time beeing try with scanned pdf

Let us know if this works,

Pavan H

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Yes i could able to get the text with also typing into real Citrix environment

As it is in Beta Version, it does takes logs from the Citrix Ui, it might be a security concern in future if i use Computer Vision need conformance on that.

Hi @Ryan_Rush,
Can you please look into the issue

Pavan H

@GouthamVijay As long as you have v19.2 of UiAutomation installed, you can install AI Computer Vision just fine.

We were trying to make the install instructions applicable for all versions of Studio. Anyone not running the latest Community version of Studio won’t have the required v19.2 of UiAutomation, so we instructed to uninstall UiAutomation 1st because installing the AI CV package will automatically install v19.2 of UiAutomation.

Hopefully this helps!


How about using beta AI computer vision in production based project, is it fine to automate and will it collect logs about the citrix server…

The short answer is yes, you can use CV in production as long as you are ok with the implications: it’s not considered fully stable, some breaking changes may occur in the future (although we’ll do everything we can to avoid them), and there’s no official support yet.

In terms of what happens to data, we don’t foresee any changes to what is described in the EULA (linked in the popup that appears when you add a Scope to a new project): data is sent to our CV server for analysis, but only non-production data from Studio/wizard is saved; production data (when robots run) is never saved.

If you wish to not send any data to us, you’ll need your own on-prem server, and for that @Ryan_Rush here can help offline.


Thanks @Cosin for the detailed description, when can we expect the production release?


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