Unable to use send hotkey on same website for second time

Hey Guys,
Iam automating a website , i used send hotkey to scroll through page , i can do it first time but
if iam making it to work back to back on same website send hotkey is not working second time

please guide what to do


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Hey @Shoebmd

You mean you are unable to scroll?


Hi @Shoebmd

Have you tried refreshing the page before trying the second time.

I think the hotkey is trying to scroll on an element that has changed.

You might need to find a different element to start with.


First time its working fine

But second time its not working

(Iam doing same scrolling thrice back to back on same website in a workflow)

everytime it open browser do some scrolling close browser

Then again open browser and do same scrolling but second time unable to do same thing like first time

What activity are you using?

Can you paste the selector from the activity?

Its likely the selector is unreliable.

If you are using ‘Send Hotkey’ then it can execute without throwing an exception.

A potential solution would be: try clicking on an element (without a hyperlink like a logo or a Title) before each send hotkey. This will ensure make your send hotkey activity more consistent.

You need to do some more testing to find out what works.

There will be more options provided from other forum users.

Ok could you please show us two screenshots,

  1. The activity and it’s props with which you are performing scroll

  2. And the application where you are trying to scroll