UiElement is no longer valid on repeated sequences

I have several sequences that essentially do the same thing but for different customers and after about 7 of the sequences run this error will populate on one of the sequences. It’s not always on the same one and the sequence is copy and pasted from the others so im not sure why after a couple this activity no longer works.

This usually happens when the page, or an object on the page, refreshes. UiPath has some sort of internal handle for the UI Element, and when the page refreshes that internal handle is no longer valid.

Hi @cameronbeck - I see you put the send hot key activity inside Get Active Window. This error might occur when that window is not in active state or does not present

→ So, try using element exists before send hot key if it returns true then use send hot key

Hello @cameronbeck

Can you try indicating the element for the Send Hotkey activity. It will help to make precisse action. Also you need to make sure the window is getting active within the same time for all the iteration. Otherwise you need to add delay or element exist.