Unable to use HTML Body in O365 ReplyTo activity

Hello all,

I am experiencing an issue while trying to use an HTML string in the email body of the “Office 365 Reply To” activity, a quick explanation of what I am trying to do!

  1. Reading an email(Office 365 message) from the mailbox with “GetAsHTML” checked, IsHTML is TRUE
  2. Manipulating the data from the mail,
  3. Reply to the same mail with the status of manipulation. The Email body is read from a template text file which is in HTML format, when I try to add the HTML text to the body I am not able to convert the HTML to readable format instead the HTML is directly being sent.

Cold someone, please assist me with this. I am attaching all the relevant screenshots here!
Thanks in advance!


Looks like the tags you gave are wrong…firstly </br> is not even a valid tag

There are few end tags but no corresponding start tags

Can you please use them properly and build a html



i may be wrong but i think the issue is that this reply activity doesn’t have a property to indicate that the body is HTML -
O365 might not support it. Try using other activities

Hello @Anil_G,
Thanks for your response.

We were using the same HTML code for replying using Outlook “ReplyTo” activities and it was working fine. Also, I see that the HTML code viewer is able to display the message in the right format.

Hello @Nimesh_BC_External ,

This is a known bug. Please keep an eye on the future release notes and you might receive an update regarding the same.

I hope this helps!

Hello Monalisa,

Thanks for the response,

Could you please let us know the tentative schedule of the future releases so that we can plan the activity accordingly?