Unable to reply to an existing email with HTML content when using Reply to Mail in Office 365


I’m using Microsoft 365 activities to get an email and then trying to reply to it using “Reply to Mail” activity.
The problem is that I don’t see any option to select if the body is HTML like we do in Send Mail activity:

The response has to be in HTML format since it has image headers.


While getting the email(Before reply to email activity), check ‘Get as HTML’ option and the the reply will be in HTML format. You just have to pass the HTML body in the mail body.


Hi Athira,

I tried doing it but when I reply with my custom reply, it’s only sending HTML tags.
I tried it many times now.

which version are you use for UiPath.Mail.Activities? I have not found the “Is Draft” options in “Reply Mail” Activity

Hi @Jagdish_Reddy ,

did you resolve this issue, if yes i would like to know how was it done.