Unable to use Excel Application Scope

Hi Everyone,
i am getting below error while using excel application scope:
Source: Excel Application Scope
Message: Error opening workbook. Make sure excel is installed.
Exception Type: System.Exception
Have verified the following:

  1. Manage Packages > UiPath.Excel.Activities > Stable version installed (2.8.6)

check if you have excel installed in your system not talking about uipath but in your actual system @RamanathanC

Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365 MSO is working fine in my machine.

because this error means it is not able to get the .exe file in your system for excel
see if any update is required to excel package or reinstall it

Thanks @Parth_Doshi. Let me look into it, Is there any other way of opening excel file and perform actions.

yes instead of excel activities you can use workbook activities they do not require excel to be installed.
in the activities panel just search workbook you will get range of activities @RamanathanC

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were you able to run the workflow? @RamanathanC
if yes, then please mark as solution


All that i want to open excel and perform actions on external addins. Not sure this can be done through workbook activites.

but did you try doing it? @RamanathanC

Thanks for your prompt response, @Parth_Doshi.

Not finding the option to launch xlsx file from workbook activities, then i can look into click and type into objects.

I had the Same issue I repair office 365 installation from windows application and it work fine after

I had the same issue. I just needed to update the packages in the manage packages in studio.

Thanks @pnguyenduc, working fine after repairing office 365 installation.

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