Getting errir System error- can not open excel file in ''Excel application scope"

Hello, I am getting Error can not open excel file in ''Excel application scope". I searched a lot but there is not any satisfactory solution found. Does anyone found the solution on this? this is from 9th lesson opening Excel file in UI Path without having Ms. excel on the machine. Please help me !


Excel application scope activities works only if MS office installed.

Check out the link

I assume you can use excel activities under workbook if it is XLSX.


In order to Excel Applocation Scope to work, you should have microsoft excel installes on your machine. What basically happens with that activity is it will open the apecified excel file in MS Excel itself. So, if excel is not installed it will throw an error.

However, you can always try using WorkBook activities that are listed under the Workbook section on the activity panel. Those activities will work even wothout excel being installed as they do not open the file, but just so the reading and writting. For this to work however, you have to use the .xlsx format. It will not work for .xls which is the older extension for excel files

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