Unable to update CE edition

Unable to update my Uipath CE edition…Please helprenewError

See this

Thanks @PrankurJoshi …but i am unable to find the solution…please help

I am unable to update my CE
Device ID:1h3ByuwxrBslfZSfnPmJ

Hi Vivek,

What Studio version do you have?

Just to be sure, did you renew the license following this link: https://www.uipath.com/renew-community-license?

Hi All,

Just to confirm. UiPath CE was installed in my standalone laptop (with no Internet connection) and was activated offline previously.

Now that it has expired, is there any way to renew it using offline method?

By the way, how does the software identify device ID? Is it by computer name?

Appreciate your help. Thanks!

Hi @javispua

Did you activate it with a license/trial code? Because offline activation is a limitation of the CE, you cannot choose Start free and activate without internet connection.

Only if you have a trial extension or a license code.

Here is the explanation oh how device id is generated:


Thanks for the prompt reply. I activated it using trial code previously.

Will I be able to obtain a license code so that I can perform the activation offline? I really want to continue exploring UiPath.

Unfortunately, I cannot have Internet connection due to the restricted environment.

Please help!

You can ask for a trial extend: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-technical-and-activations. Please use your company email address in order to submit the ticket.

For CE everything is online.


Got it. Thank you very much.