Community Edition activation - Same Device ID

Hi @Toni.Vervloet

How was it build? If you’ve never used UiPath before, this means that it’s a cloned machine and the device ID was previously used to activate UiPath.

Our licensing provider (Nalpeiron) assigns a unique device ID for each client that activates UiPath. This is a unique combination of 20 numbers and letters individual for each machine. Using cloned machines, or machines build from the same template will not help you track usage as the Device ID will be the same for all. Therefore we do not encourage this procedure if you notice the machines will have the same Device ID.

Also, if this machine is a cloned one (having the same Machine ID as other machines) you will not be able to use multiple trial versions on it as our licensing provider doesn’t allow to have a trial installed on machines with same device ID (in order to prevent trial abuse).

As a solution for this is to use the System Preparation (Sysprep). Below link for more details.