Unable to Train my Extractor in Document Understanding Workflow

I’m working on a process in which I’ve created a workflow for extracting data from a form placed at some location. Everything’s working fine but the machine isn’t learning
In every attempt I manually validate the data in the validation station and after every run, the workflow (extractor) makes the same mistake that I’ve rendered earlier. Means, that the machine isn’t learning

I’ve loaded the taxonomy
then digitized the document using omnipage OCR.
classified it using keyword based classifier
then extracting data using Form Extractor
then the validation station appears where I manually validate the data everytime
and then the trainer comes in. I’m currently using train classifier scope in which I’ve used keyword based classifier trainer

and every time in the validation station, I’ve to re-render all the changes that I’ve already fixed. The machine isn’t learning from experiences even though I’ve used the trainer

Can anyone suggest me how to train my bot so that in every attempt the machine learns from the input I fix manually.
It’ll be really appreciated.

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The Form Extractor activity has no associated Trainer activity and thus cannot be trained to improve after each validation. From your description I understand that you are using Keyword Based Classifier Trainer, which improves the classification part, not the extraction.

@tudor.serban Yeah, I’m using “keyword Based Classifier”. So, is there any way through which I can retrain my extractor? I know there must be a way to do that while using form Extractor / Intelligent Form Extractor.
I did looked into the ML extractor but the machine learning extractor can only be used for invoices or receipts, that’s why I’m using Form Extractor / Intelligent Form Extractor as I’m working with some documents of different format.
So, Is there any way / suggestion about what can I do?

neither Form Extractor nor Intelligent Form Extractor are capable of learning. They are purely rule based and configuration driven. You will need to adjust an existing template or create a new one.

In FE and IFE you can have multiple templates for the same document type, for instance if you have 2 very different versions of the same form. Also please take a look at the new anchor based functionality just released for FE and IFE which allows a bit more flexibility in defining fields.

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