Machine Learning does not learn?

Hi Folks,

pretty new to this place but some months of beginners experience in uipath.
Set up an intelligent invoice process following the tutorial from Anders Jensen on youtube.

Did work out quite well, loops through my folder, reading all the invoices, presenting them in validation station…
But: isn’t validation station meant to give some feedback to the process if the bot was finding the correct values?
I’m always correcting the readings in validation station and the bot keeps running into the very same issues in every run.

How can i actually make the machine learning learn from my validation station inputs?

Thanx a lot in advance for your support.

it cannot learn from your inputs, from my understanding the model is pretrained by the UIPath team

In order for learning to happen you need to use a Train Extractors Scope with the Machine Learning Extractor Trainer activity which gets as input the results from Validation Station. Check out the docs here:

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