Unable to start app from mobile


when i am starting app from my mobile i am getting error like “the UiPath assistant is required to complete this action” on mobile why robot is not triggering on my computer when i start from my mobile?
i have selected unattended

below is my orch setup

now getting this error

where is the ecact issue?
help me on same.
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@kunalmathkar24 ,

where is your bot configured?


means ? which screenshot you need to understand , i will give

@kunalmathkar24 ,

where is your process running? Have u tested your process manually from orchestrator.


i have tested on my computer it is running fine when i start but from mobile not running means not starting

So are you running your process on your local machine?

yes , from local machine

starting robot running fine


Just to be sure…after making changes like making it unattended did you publish the app?

Also I hope you have no issues running an unattended robot From orchestrator

ok , when i published again and testing , now from orchestrator from local also error showing

not able to identify exact error


As per error its not shared…can you check the access first

And then to test if unattended is working …can you manually start a process on a systemplease

And is the user you are trying to login to app has access to run the jobs?


it is only running from my system when i am selecting attending form my app process.
but running form my laptop only not from mobile.


Attended will not run on mobile

Unattended will run but for that licenses should be available and robot to be in service mode and you should be able to manually trigger an unattended bot from jobs page


then what should i do,
what needs to be change in orchestrator?
because i need to run form mobile and need to give access to multiple users also ,so they can run form their end.


You have to first change the run type to unattended

Then give access to the users for app and tun permissions on robot


yes , but when i change to unattended then i get error like below


Can you confirm if you are able to manually trigger an unattended bot?


from here you are asking right?

got this error


So it did start and fail?

can you show the error?

is it able to login or start the bot on system?

If not then we might need to see that is the issue


yes started and failed.
same error as mentioned in image.
not able to open login page.


Then looks like the process issue but not an app issue