Can able to run the app or trigger the app trough mobile chrome

Hello Apps Developer,

I try to run the app from my mobile its showing a pop message

Uipath assistant required to run this app get it

I saw a tutorial I try to run like that but for me, it’s coming like this


It’s working fine when being run in my system

I hope I get a reason for this and it will help me to resolve that issues

Chethan P

Hi Chethan,

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Try using “UiPath Orchestrator” app from android play store. After login, in the “Process” you will see your all hosted RPA solutions. Run the automation from there itself.

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Thanks For the response

yes we can Triger the bot from there but how to run the uipath apps
there we can give data

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes

Have you selected attended or unattended bot when select a process…thanks


Maybe try select unattended bot (because for attended bot it have to be installed in the same machine) so that it can trigger the remotely…thanks

Try to change the BOT from Attended to Unattended

Ok I will Check With this solution and I will get back to you

No It’s Not Work :neutral_face: Same error

@prasath_S Its Working Fine In my system but if I try to run through my mobile i get error what upload screen shot above
Please once you people try from your mobile so its working fine means then in my system some thing happen may be?

It looks like you’re running this process as ‘attended’. Since you’re running this app on your phone, no local robot exists. In the Start Process rule if you change the type to ‘unattended’ it should work (assuming you have an unattended robot configured).

Additionally, please make sure that the user that is running this app has the right permissions in Orchestrator to run unattended jobs from Apps: Orchestrator Permissions.

I use Unattented only

@copy_writes you’re getting this error, then the ‘Start process’ rule is trying to run this process attended. Double check this rule and make sure you have ‘unattended’ selected: