Can I trigger automations from my phone with UiPath Apps?

Hello Forum, it’s been a while and lots have going on, but i’m still here!

Today I come with a really simple question but rarely haven’t been able to find a consistent response about.

As the title says, I want to find the way to be able to trigger automations from my phone, and especifically from a App I build with UiPath App Studio, (which I actually think is awsome). I Initially thought it was one o the benefits of it, but now I’m not that sure. What happens is that when a try to trigger the automation on my app the same way I do it with my pcc but with my phone, it pops a warning that i should install asisstant, which I’m almost sure it’s not possible.
Can someone give me feedback here please…

Following thi topicc

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Hi @Luis_Fernando

The following thread might be of your help here:

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Hello dear @arjunshenoy
Thank you for your response, I already review it and still it doesn’t contain straight forward response on if it’s possible or not to trigger processes that way.

@Luis_Fernando In the Start Process activity of your event that triggers the robot, there’s an option to start that process as Type = Attended or Unattended. You should choose Unattended so that it triggers a run via Orchestrator on an Unattended robot PC.

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Indeed I tried with that configuration, but still I’m unable to achieve succesfull results.

And what was the error, if any?

@Luis_Fernando ,

Are you still struggling ?


Yes Dear @Arvind_Kumar1

When trying to trigger unattended automation on my mobile device it prompts a warning asking me to download assistant. I dont think i possible to download assistant on mobile, and unattended automation should run on a other machine.


Did you try from local desktop? Can u test on desktop once ?


You mean if a try to trigger the process on the same machine it will run? O just in another random desktop?

@Luis_Fernando ,

It depends how you have configured your machine setup.

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