Unable to select the specfic selectors in Internet explorer and chrome also

Hi Team,
I unable to select the particular selectors, like take the click option it select whole page only. Yesterday itself i facing the issue

hi @cutevenky

Check the below post

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin,

Thank you for quick response, Still i am facing same issue.
please let me know i want change the setting IE need to install any software.
I am working only in IE.

hi @cutevenky

can you share the internet settings window

(or) try to install the google chrome plugin

and try to launch the site and scrap it

Ashwin S

Have you tried UI explorer ? If that is not working to then Re-Enabling Extension in the only way out

Hi Ashwin

Please find the attachment IE setting screen shot, if you need any particular option screen shot

Please let me know i will send you

Thank you

Any solution here?