Unable to select the Non Productive

Hi, I am unable to select the Non Production robot type


welcome to uipath community
once after logging to cloud page https://platform.uipath.com go to service tab and along with the tenant we got some other fields like status, license and action
In that under action field click on that edit service option
there you will be able to see how many license are left for specific robot type
and if you want you can include the left out robots to your tenant

but by default we wont have any Non-Production license
instead we can choose UNATTENDED BOT as non production bot holds all the property of this bot type as well

Cheers @irfankhan04

Hi @irfankhan04 welcome to the UIPATH Community
If this is enterprise edition : you do not have any NON production bot license and you have to buy it

if this is community edition : it shows you do not have non production bots , by default you will not offer non production bots , you can check it as below

so if you really need non production bot you can request it as below