Unable to save new excel file

Hi i am trying to save an excel file which was created by moving a sheet from another workbook . When i move the sheet to a new work book it comes as book1 or book 2 , how can i save this excel workbook as unable to select this newly created work book


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When you are using move file activity give the Absolute path of the excel file path(path with the filename and extension) in the destination so that it would not create any temporary excel like book1 or book 2.

Hi Actually i am moving one sheet of the workbook to a new file , so just wanted to know how to give the path. As these i have done using click activity like how we do in normal excel file


Did you tried the below activity.

Hi I dont see copy sheet in studio X but there is something called copy paste range where i am copying to clipboard , after that what should i do to save it as excel file

Please perform the below steps to enable to copy sheet activity in studiox.

->Enable developer mode.

once you enable you will get copy sheet in the activities list


destination parameters like destination excel path and destination sheet name

input → you should give current sheet you want to copy . please try and let me know


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a activity named COPY FILE activity where pass the filepath of excel file you want to copy in FROM field and and mention the new folder where you want to paste that file in TO field

  2. Now use a USE EXCEL FILE activity and pass the new excel file path as input

  3. Inside that activity use a activity named

FOR EACH EXCEL SHEET and mention as excel in workbook field

  1. Then inside that for each loop use a IF activity with a expression like this

CurrentSheet.Name.ToString.Contains(“sheetname you want to delete”)

Inside the THEN block of that if activity use a DELETE SHEET activity and mention the current sheet as input

Cheers @Mukherjee_Manish

Hi Thanks for the steps but what this is doing is it is deleting the sheet which i wanted save as another excel workbook

Attaching a screen shot , I want to save the sheet Taiwan meeting template to save as a new work book with the file name Taiwan meeting template

Hi i was able to solve this by

Using USE EXCEL AND then copy paste range I was able to solve it

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