Copy excel file and paste it in different folder and rename

I need to copy from C:\Users\t_priyankam\test.xlsx and paste it in C:\Users\demo\test.xlsx (test.xlsx should be renamed as test_copy.xlsx)

Hy @Priya_Sri,

You must use the 'copy file’s activity. Pass the current file path and the destination folder.

Please let me know if it worked. If so please like my post and mark my answer as solution it helps me :slight_smile:
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@Priya_Sri use Copy File activity and in the destination C:\Users\demo\test_copy.xlsx so you don’t need to rename the file. It will do a copy with new name :blush::+1:

Thank you

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Very glad I could help you @Priya_Sri, please mark my answer as solution, it helps me :slight_smile:

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