Email attachments are not saving to local folder

I followed the steps to save the attachment in local folder, but the file is not getting saved but bot is running successfully. Can anyone assist me and connect me to solve the issue

Hi @Deepika_Ajith ,

The workflow looks fine and it should work.
Please make sure that your emails with attachments are set to “unread”

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Yes, they are kept unread

Can anyone assist me by connecting. Thanks in advance


Is it reading and save attachment from Outlook mail?

Are you using Studio Pro ?

I am using studio x version 2020.1.5

did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue. Nothing happens with the save attachment activity and the process runs with no errors.

No. Still couldn’t

same issue with me…

Please make sure that:
The attachment is an xls file.
Additionally, try removing the filter and retesting it.
Try saving the file in another directory.
Print the body of CurrentMail by Logging CurrentMail.Body

There must an issue in one of the above things. Test them one by one to see which one is it.

If you have Outlook installed in a language which is not English, you MUST change the name of the MailFolder in Uipath. Instead of “Inbox”, you should type how the inbox folder is called in your language. It worked for me