Unable to retrieve queue item

Hi All,

I am unable to retrieve the data from queue.

I have used following expression to retrieve the data. Both of them are not working.

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Source Location”).ToString

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent.GetValueOrDefault(“Source Location”).ToString

I am receing the below error:

Log Message: The given key ‘Source Location’ was not present in the dictionary.

I have attached the xaml here.

I have attached the screenshot of Orchestrator queue as well

I am using UiPath community edition version :


I did try degrading the packages as well . However still we are getting the above error.
QueueItemRetrieval.xaml (6.0 KB)


hi while passing the data in the add queue item you have used like this

“Source Location” instead of Source Location

can you check it once

in the above immediate panel or in the image of Queue Item

it is in the format like “Source Location”

The values to the queue must be like this.

Can you see there is a diffrence in the queue and value which your are calling


@Karthi_M - You can try the following:

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("\"Source Location\"").ToString

As the property name seems to include the ":

If you have control over how the Queue Item is created, you can also choose to remove the " on creation.

Hope this helps!


please try this way
in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(ControlChars.Quote+“Source Location”+ControlChars.Quote).ToString

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