Get Transaction Item system error

I’ve successfully pushed string data into a transaction queue and now I want to retrieve this for an unattended robot to process. The value of ‘accountnumber’


I seem to be stuck at the first hurdle as when I try to Get Transaction Item I’m getting an ‘Object Reference not set to an instance of an object’ error. I’ve been reading around here and none of the posts seem to have had this issue.

I’m not allowed to upload new attachements yet but can provide my xaml.

I’m trying with: ti.SpecificContent(“accountnumber”).ToString
ti being the transaction item output variable.


Welcome to the uipath community.

This error usually occurs when we are trying to assign Null values.

Please check once.

  1. Have you passed Queue Name properly or not?
  2. Is the Data added successfully to Orchestrator Queue’s or not?
  3. Is the Column Name accountnumber existing in Queue? Make sure it should be case sensitive.
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Thanks for the response!

Within my process I’m currently testing it. I’ve made sure that my queue is retrievable as I don’t get any errors related to that within Get Transaction Item. I know that there are items within the queue and the columns etc.
Do I need to do something before Get Transaction Item?

I’ve uploaded my .XAML for review if you wouldn’t mind?
Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

EDIT for clarification;

My scenario here is an Attended robot validating some information and then handing it to a queue as a transaction for an Unattended robot to pickup, the .xaml above is my initial Unattended build from much trial and error.
As far as I can tell I only need the Get Transaction Item activity, this is filled with the queue name and can contact the queue as I’m not getting any errors related to finding or communicating with the queue.

From reading the documentation -which isn’t overly clear- I understand that to pull content from the transaction item I need to use .SpecificContent(“itemelement”).ToString. But when I use that command with my item content i.e. “accountnumber” nothing is found, but from my first post there is an accountnumber element there.

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@lakshman did you get to take a look? :slight_smile:


Could you please help me with screenshot of your queue name and it’s data. Will check and update you.

Thanks! the queue name in this instance is ‘castleedgequeue’

Data attached.

Hello, Have you find a solution ? @thocoxakari