Help to retrieve data from a QueueItem (RPA developer advanced - Assignement 1 : UIDemo)

Hi everybody,

I’m struggling in retrieving the data from the QueueItem in Process.xaml. This latter is called from main.xaml with the required argument “in_TransactionItem”

However, when I use the assign activity inside process.xaml (CashIn = in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“CashIn”).ToString) I get an exception.

The input argument “in_TransactionItem” is not empty and does contain the key “CashIn”.

Here are my variables and arguments :slight_smile:

What am I missing here?


Try doing it without the .specificContent. That’s the only thing you have different than me that I can see. So it would be…

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@Alexisauch01 - It looks like you have an extra space, so the key is "CashIn ". You’ll have to add a space in your .SpecificContent() or re-do your dispatcher to remove the space :slight_smile:

@Dave you nailed it, Thank you !


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