UIDemo question regarding queue items

Hi, i build the UIDemo workflow as described in the walkthrough. In the process.xaml i defined the 3 assignment entries as follows:

The workflow runs fine until the process.xaml and it appear the following error message

What is wrong ?
Thanks for your help.

Have you uploaded the queue value to the queue using dispatcher.? The value in in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“CashIn”).ToString is null, it means it is not retrieving any value from queue.

Yes, it appears, that the dispatcher works fine and upload the queues, but the performer workflow stucks.
When you say, the transactionItems with 0 that means it is not retrieving any values, whats the problem ?
I guess, in or out_arguments are missing or not defined.

it is the issue with extracting the transaction Item from the queue, please check for the below things:

  1. check for the queue name in orchestrator and the queue name your are retrieving.
  2. check the assigned value to the input argument TransactionItem.
  3. before passing argument check the local values for variables TransactionItem

ok, the new one is a problem with getTransactionData (see error message). Do i need this file ? The value type of TransactionItem is DataRow. Is this right ? Not queueItem ?

Ok i found the problem an now level 3 workflow runs fine an is evaluated.