Unable to Retrieve Outloook Email Invoices

Hi guys! I’m new and I’ve been doing the “Build Your First Process with Studio” course but I seem to be getting stuck in this part:

I followed everything in the video tutorial correctly, and the "Invoices" path created also doesn’t show up in the Project panel even after clicking on the refresh button.

Any idea what can I do to run the program successfully?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Welcome to the community

Can you show the flow and the peoperties of get mail please or attach the sample xaml here


Thank you for welcoming me.

Here’s the flow and properties:

For the “account”, I’ve inputted the Outlook account where the sample invoices are supposed to be retrieved from.

Hoping you could let me know what I might’ve done wrong. Thanks!


First check by removing filter
and in filter i see you used a hyphen instead you have to use equals symbol

"[Subject] = 'Product Roadmap'"


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if you want to read only unread messages or you need to read All. put top 100


Hi @chrstnqn
You enabled few property in get outlook mail messgae actions like onlyunready message, subject and count 30.
The bot working fine without any error so change the above mail property and try it once again.

I hope it will work…

Kaviyarasu N


Thank you! I tried it and it worked! :smile:

Thanks also to the others who gave their suggestions to help! :smile:

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