Unable to retrieve Outlook body messages

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know of you have already faced security issues with outlook.

Actually with the get outlook mail messages activity, only the subject is retrieved. The activity works well i think. I don’t have an header for the HTMLBody and the body is not null but just empty (= “”).

I suspect a security issue in the configuration of outlook, cause it works well an another installation.

If you have some feedbacks on this, could you help to see what can I check ?

Thanks :smile:

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In such cases we can use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY and enable ISHTMLBODY property in the property panel
And once after getting the mail list variable named list_mails
—use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input
And change the type argument as System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage
—inside the loop we can get the body of the mail with item.Body

Cheers @vdarold


It’s actually what i did. There was no possibilities to configure Outlook in the company. So i just used an exchange activity. There is still the problem of the password. It could be great if the password could be in secure string instead of string. It’s ok when the package is built, but it could be better.

Thanks for you reply anyway.

Cheers @Palaniyappan

We can make the password still secure like rather mentioning it hardcoded we can get from a config file or a excel file then mention the variable here in the password property

Cheers @vdarold

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