Get outlook mail message is not fetching body and from email address


I am using get outlook mail message activity to iterate through mails in shared mailbox.

I am able to get headers and subject,however, i am not able to get body and from email address.

Has anyone come across such scenario? I read through multiple threads in this forum but i did not find any resolution to it.

I am using UiPath studio version 2018.4.2


Hi @vishalgajjar

I am doing something similar and see the following error but it worked with the expression item.From.DisplayName.Contains("")

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Naveen Ch

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Thanks Naveen for quick reply. However, i am still getting the same error.

Do you think this could be specific to outlook configuration?


If it is possible can you attach screen shot?

Can you please check that specific user email address you are able to see the mails

Folder name
It is there are not top 30
Check whether you are trying to fetch unread mails in properly panel

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Hi @vishalgajjar

I hope this applies for your situation, see the post below: