I am not able to fetch email body in outlook activity how i will i fetch it

Please help how can I do that

Hi @praveen_sonkusare
after getting mails using get outlook mail activity,
use for each loop to loop through each mail in mails and then use mail.body.ToString to retreive the mail body

it is not working i did already data is missing in the body part

is ur data a html ?

it is email data


Can you share the screenshot of the email body?

Make sure it is not text format, not an image.

Hi @praveen_sonkusare
can u try like this

i tried this but it is not working

mail.Headers(“HTMLBody”) this part is working now i tried but the problem is i am got the whole data with html format i need data without html script.

Hi @praveen_sonkusare

html tags will appear, since the data is html file
Try to write that data in file and save with .html format

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