Unable to resett academy password

Dear team,
I am unable to reset the academy password. After resetting the password is not working i have used alphanumeric and symbols in password. Please help i wana submit my assignment.


After entering the new password and is it showing any error ?

After clicking forgot password and it will ask you for username then you can enter username or registered email ID then you will get password reset mail. Then you can reset it by clicking that link.

wrong credentials


After resetting password, it’s showed any message like your password was changed or updated ?

Kindly reset again and try buddy…
and clear the cache and open in new browser buddy @ramkrishna2k3

Yes… I got message sucessfully but when i logged it say wrong credentialerror Capture


Could you please try to login with new credentials in other browser and see.

If still error occurs then there may be some issue with ACME site I guess. You can contact UIpath support team.

its not Acme it Academy.uipath.com where we have free learning tutorials. Its still not working :frowning:

uipath team. I am unable to reset the password of Academy.uipath.com in any browser nor in any system. Please look into this. This is pathetic.


Sorry. Academy site only. Please raise ticket here.

HI @ramkrishna2k3 I faced same issue. Try entering username instead of email ID. It works!!