Unable to reset academy password


I am unable to reset the password of the uipath academy. Such a strange issue. attached is the screen which it is denoting “H” I have alphanumeric and one letter capital also


Hi @ramkrishna2k3 please check if the same is on different web browser.


I checked there is nothing, I checked in different system also, getting same result, I cleared all the password from credential manager, but still facing the issue. I hope its a site issue.


I got confirmation that this is temporary problem of website which is under investigation now. Please be patient and sorry for inconvenience :slight_smile:

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Dear team,

Again I am unable to reset the acadamy.uipath.com password…Please have a look. I want to submit my assignment


uipath team. I am unable to reset the password of Academy.uipath.com in any browser nor in any system. Please look into this. This is pathetic.


@ramkrishna2k3 Please check again. If you have any error please also submit screenshot if it’s possible.


Yeah !!! Now able to login…thank you.

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